About Me

Welcome and thank you so much for passing by!

I am a multilingual singer, songwriter and vocal coach living on the gorgeous Balearic island Ibiza. Music is my better half and I dedicate my life to singing, writing, recording, producing,
teaching and everything inbetween.

Having spent the past 25 years ´behind the mic´ both on stage as well as in studios, there really is nothing else I enjoy more than adding my vocals to the occasion. I am lucky enough to spend the Summer seasons performing at some of the most gorgeous venues on the island.
Singing solo with guitar or with one of my duos or bands.
The Winter months I dedicate to songwriting and creating. As I spend a lot of my time singing other people´s songs, these low season months are all about staying true to my artist heart!

Take care and speak soon!
¡Saludos y hablamos pronto!
Liefs vanaf het prachtige Ibiza!