Vocals on demand

Looking to add vocals to your track but would prefer to use an exclusive voice
rather than a sample? Because studio sessions cost time and money, why not hire me
to record your vocals for you?

From my home studio I offer toplines, backing vocals, demos, jingles, ad-libs, guide tracks, spoken word and vocal production & editing. You name it, I´ll deliver!

Vocals On Demand means exclusive vocals, direct and personal contact, free revisions and bespoke vocal samples. Top quality vocals delivered straight to your inbox with an average turn-around time of 48 hours depending on the tracks. But Vocals On Demand also means an easygoing and fun working relationship so there is space for creative growth.

Working from my home studio on Ibiza, I will be sure to add that extra bit of magic you were looking for, so your track gets the vocals it deserves. Get in touch today and let´s start creating!

A few testimonials:

`Worked several sessions on multiple projects with Jodie. She is a very talented singer with her very unique timbre. Perfect lead vocals but beautiful backing vocal skills as well! On top of that she is a very lovely person to work with`
– Dieter Kranenburg · music and video producer based in The Netherlands –

`Working with Jodie has been one of the best experiences I have had up to date with a singer. Her voice is impressive and Jodie is very professional. It was an honour working with her on my tracks`
– Iñaky Garcia · DJ and music producer based on Ibiza –

`A pleasure to work with Jodie!
Her voice is amazing and her work is very professional`
– Roger Garcia · DJ and music producer based in Mexico –